10 Luxury Kitchens That Cost Over 100K

Here are some of the most exquisite kitchens that cost over $100,000.

The kitchen is luxurious with its elegant chandelier. The high ceilings make it seem extremely large. The kitchen has been styled in the Mediterranean design. The marble tile floors give it a luxurious feel. The dual tone cabinets give character to the room while the old style kitchen sink add a bit of uniqueness to the otherwise modern style kitchen.

mediterranean-kitchen-with-white-cabinets-and-brick-fireplacWith the porcelain floors that have underfloor heating, this kitchen is surely one of the best there is. The 9 walnut units that run from the floor to the ceiling are exquisite and give a bold statement. The solid island and graphite ceilings are what make this kitchen a statement room.


Nothing looks as good as a cozy country styled kitchen. Even the food in this 100,000 kitchen would taste better. This kitchen has high ceilings and a simple but expensive island. The cabinetry is a work of art. Large windows and skylights make sure you do not miss a single detail in the room.


Contemporary kitchens always make it to the top of the list. With flat the counter tops being flat paneled and the under mount sink complement each other. With the grey and white monotone colors creating a sleek finish to the kitchen.


When you have over 100k to spend on your kitchen you might as well use it to make a statement. With excellent cabinetry and an island to die for this kitchen is one of the best on the list. Nothing wows us more than the stone entry way.


The claw-foot style island on this kitchen is exquisite. It is large and wide enough for preparing meals with a space for entertaining guests. It creates a bold statement. The farmhouse sink brings back the traditional feel of a kitchen.


One of the key points of this room is the beautiful lights. The skylights and small overhead lamps create a warm feeling. The patterned chairs around the island make it homely. The floors re hardwood and compliment the finely made cabinets that hold a similar color.


No one said every kitchen has to be the same. Though most people prefer the monotones some people prefer to have some slight splash of color. From the green seat tops to the contrasting light island , this room is bold and daring. The brick design on the backlash creates a different setting bringing everything together.


With one of the best sub-zero wine coolers in the world this kitchen is worth every cent. A unique tap is installed in the sink to give you either still or sparkling water. The Wolf ovens have different settings for various food types and even clean themselves. This kitchen has value for every item.


The grey color of the walls against the black of the cabinets makes this room stylish. The incorporated appliances in the marble top island make it convenient to move in the kitchen.



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