Where To Look Online For Kitchen Design Ideas

We all search for the best ways to go about fixing up the house. People search for the hot trends that fit the setting of their kitchen, the heart and soul of the entire home. Being that is 2017 going on 2018, home decorators are looking to keep their kitchen up to date without breaking the entire bank. There are several ways to go online for these design ideas that can fit the idea in mind. It is a matter of how the homeowner wants to move forward with the design process.


Let’s just get these guys out here first way because they are in everything for the house and has extended their knowledge to people looking online. Yes, their own website and virtual design program helps IKEA lovers look up what they want in their house, let alone the kitchen, and draw out what they want. IKEA Kitchen Planner lets users plan out the appliances based on the room’s own dimensions, as well as measure out cabinets to meet what the owner wants. They are brilliant in making this very simple for people, whether we loathe them or not.

Contemporary Kitchens

Decor Websites

An obvious start would simply look at multiple websites with the selection of ideas to figure about because they are full of topics. HGTV is one place to go to online for their Top 10 is various trends, but so is Room Sketcher, which gives a step-by-step rundown on how to get the kitchen and all rooms set up. Look at various blogs where interior designers have their own ideas and write them for all aspiring DIY homebuilders.

Online Virtual Design Programs

For those who have ideas and would rather work on them themselves, there are multiple online programs where, in 3D, homeowners can easilydraw out what they want exactly in the home and in their kitchen. Planner 5D, for one, is free and as it gets withcreating every room in the house to the tiniest details, such as windows, walls, and the corner of each ledge. Roomstyler 3D Home Planner uploads the entire floor plan so actual furniture and appliances can be moved around instead of measuring the size itself. Design A Room lets users pick any room and start mixing and matching with colors and finishes, floors and ceilings, all with side recommendations regarding the selection being correct or not.

In homemaking, creating the perfect kitchen is central to the ideal home because it is our hub to life inside. It is where we eat and drink, prepare it all, and connect with others because there is no privacy. The kitchen should be energetic and kinetic with the people inside. There are always idea and trends to pick up on that help come up with the right design for the kitchen that is warm, friendly, and easy to have around when it comes to cooking and social productivity.


Do It Yourself Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

We all know that trying to remodel your kitchen by yourself can save a lot of money on your budget. Kitchen remodeling is not that cheap. This can be attributed to the fact that most kitchen remodeling revolves around the cabinets and countertops which are not that cheap. If you want the rally high quality ones you will dent your bank account slightly. This is why most people choose to make DIY art projects or remodeling to their kitchens. The best part about your kitchen is that making a change to one item can make it seem as if you have changed everything up.

This is why more and more people prefer to do DIY changes for kitchen remodeling in Boca Raton. Below are a few ideas to make your kitchen look different with items already in your home.

1. Color pop.
If you feel the kitchen is looking a bit dull and needs a splash of color then you can use spray paint to switch things up. In a monochrome kitchen you can choose 3 appliances set apart on the counter that can be painted. Spray paint these items such as the toaster, cookie jar and mixer a bright color such as yellow or orange. This should make the room look way better than it did before.
You can also spray paint the lids of old spice jars.

2. New drapes.
You do not have to get new drapes every time you remodel. One idea is to spray paint a white sheet in a graffiti manner creating loops. Remember to paint a solid base at the bottom.
You can also take those old dish cloths and use them as short drapes for the sink windows.


3. Wall Art.
This is the most common way to remodel and add space to your kitchen look. You can create a flower wall n your kitchen. Pick samples of flower pictures online and print them on old book paper for a rustic look.
Another option would be to create a vintagedisplay using old plates that you can pick up from the flea market. You can then organize them on the wall in a manner that you find suitable. Hang them using wallhangers.

4. Natures Design.
You could also go for live flowers if you’re brave. You can use nature’s own samples to create amazing designs on dish towels. Pick some flowers and leaves from your garden. Place the leaf on one side of the dish cloth and then fold over it. Hammer the leaves to create an imprint on both sides. Iron the dish cloth on low heat to avoid fading.

5. Convert a TV entertainment space to a cabinet.
Place all your baking tools in one TV cabinet. Repaint the cabinet and remove the doors to make it spicier. Add rods in the cabinet to hang the hand towels. Hammer nails to the back of the cabinet to hang your baking trays or pans.


10 Luxury Kitchens That Cost Over 100K

Here are some of the most exquisite kitchens that cost over $100,000.

The kitchen is luxurious with its elegant chandelier. The high ceilings make it seem extremely large. The kitchen has been styled in the Mediterranean design. The marble tile floors give it a luxurious feel. The dual tone cabinets give character to the room while the old style kitchen sink add a bit of uniqueness to the otherwise modern style kitchen.

mediterranean-kitchen-with-white-cabinets-and-brick-fireplacWith the porcelain floors that have underfloor heating, this kitchen is surely one of the best there is. The 9 walnut units that run from the floor to the ceiling are exquisite and give a bold statement. The solid island and graphite ceilings are what make this kitchen a statement room.


Nothing looks as good as a cozy country styled kitchen. Even the food in this 100,000 kitchen would taste better. This kitchen has high ceilings and a simple but expensive island. The cabinetry is a work of art. Large windows and skylights make sure you do not miss a single detail in the room.


Contemporary kitchens always make it to the top of the list. With flat the countertops being flat paneled and the undermount sink complement each other. With the grey and white monotone colors creating a sleek finish to the kitchen.


When you have over 100k to spend on your kitchen you might as well use it to make a statement. With excellent cabinetry and an island to die for this kitchen is one of the best on the list. Nothing wows us more than the stone entry way.


The claw-foot style island on this kitchen is exquisite. It is large and wide enough for preparing meals with a space for entertaining guests. It creates a bold statement. The farmhouse sink brings back the traditional feel of a kitchen.


One of the key points of this room is the beautiful lights. The skylights and small overhead lamps create a warm feeling. The patterned chairs around the island make it homely. The floors re hardwood and compliment the finely made cabinets that hold a similar color.


No one said every kitchen has to be the same. Though most people prefer the monotones some people prefer to have some slight splash of color. From the green seat tops to the contrasting light island , this room is bold and daring. The brick design on the backlash creates a different setting bringing everything together.


With one of the best sub-zero wine coolers in the world this kitchen is worth every cent. A unique tap is installed in the sink to give you either still or sparkling water. The Wolf ovens have different settings for various food types and even clean themselves. This kitchen has value for every item.


The grey color of the walls against the black of the cabinets makes this room stylish. The incorporated appliances in the marble top island make it convenient to move in the kitchen.


The Kitchen Design Process

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, you may be wondering what the steps in the design process are. It’s actually more complicated than you might have imagined.

The first step is to meet with your selected designer. This may occur in their showrooms or your home. You will discuss your needs and how you use your kitchen. For example, do you like to cook intricate gourmet meals that require lots of prep space? Or do you just use your kitchen for small, family meals? These things make a difference when it comes to designing a kitchen space that works for you. You will discuss your decorating tastes and your budget limitations for the project at this time. Your designer will also take measurements of your kitchen space.

Depending on the project, you may make some initial design choices in this meeting, such as your choice of wood grain for your cabinets and countertop materials. It is a good idea to have some examples of what you like for your designer to see. You can find pictures on the internet or in home décor magazines. Include anything you think you might want in your kitchen. Your designer can tell you whether or not it is feasible.


After this initial meeting, your designer will begin working on the layout of your kitchen. For larger projects, this could take several weeks. When their plans are complete, you will meet again to discuss them. At this meeting, any final changes to the design will be discussed, and you will be given an estimate for the cost of the work.

If you decide to move forward with the project, you will have some choices to make. Besides your cabinets and countertops, you will have to select appliances, sinks and faucets, floor coverings, backsplash materials, and hardware such as cabinet pulls. After all these choices are made, the final budget and contract will be prepared. Normally, you will have to pay a deposit (the amount will depend on your designer), and your materials will be ordered.

Once your materials arrive, it is time to begin the actual process of remodeling. Though you won’t be installing cabinets or laying floor yourself, there is still some work for you to do. You will have to clear out the kitchen so the contractor can do his or her work. You will probably be given a list of what you will need to remove.

On the first day of the project, your contractor will review the contract and the design with you to make sure you are satisfied. Then the work begins. During the process of remodeling, your contractor will meet with you regularly to update you on the project’s progress and discuss any unexpected issues with you.

It sounds daunting, but having a newly remodeled kitchen that meets your needs and looks great is worth the effort. If you choose the right kitchen designer and contractor, they can help you get through the process with ease.